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Landscape Construction

Hortum’s construction team design and construct the built elements that add another dimension to your outdoor space. We work with you to co-create a design that fits your project scope, budget and timeframes. We can help you with construction needs in the form of:

Pergolas, concreting, floating stairs, retaining walls, pathways, fencing, driveways, pools and surrounds.

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Hortum's construction services:


We can cater to all types of concreting solutions, from plain, exposed, polished to large multi-use hardstand areas.

Paving and Tiling

Pavers and tiles come in all shapes and sizes. We can source a solution that will fit your design. 


Hortum can assist with the design and construction of residential and commercial grade pools. Our team of designers will work with you to create a pool and outdoor space that meets your lifestyle and budget.

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